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1.PABX and phone sets - Mitel

Mitel  : the gateways and  terminals range :

** the 5000 gateway range constitutes a fully fledged telephony solution.It is open, powerful and upgradable,and able to handle all the telecommunication needs of small, medium-sized and large companies. It integrates IP phone functions as well as basic functions such as voice mail and interactive voice response.It also insures the confidentiality of communications thanks to calls encryption.

Aastra_XS.jpg                 Aastra_XL.jpg                Aastra_XD.jpg

The Mitel 5000 gateway range : XS , XL and  XD .
** the  digital and IP terminals range is constituted of sets covering all users' needs . The new models : 6753, 6755, and 6757 are easy to use, can be integrated to the existing set-up and fully upgradable.


The digital  terminals range : 6753, 6755 and  6757.

** the newly introduced SIP terminals such as the Mitel 55i and 57i offer powerful features and flexibility in standards based, carrier-grade expandable IP telephones. It is fully interoperable with leading IP telephony platforms, offering advanced XML capability to access custom applications.


The 55i and 57i SIP terminals.

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